portrait 2My first foray into photography was with a compact camera in 2006 and I soon learned that knowing how to use a camera did not enable me to produce well composed and interesting photographs. Over the next few years I, methodically, studied the art and skills of photography and in the same period applied my learning to both film and digital.

I used film for a few years and now work exclusively with digital cameras, both Canon and Sony. The lightness of the full frame Sony A7R makes it an easy camera to take on shoots for my landscape work, and I use the heavier Canon 7D with macro lenses for my flower photography.

Until 4 years ago, the majority of my landscape photography took place in London but I wanted to branch out into more open countryside and went on a short course in the West of the US with a well-established local photographer.  Apart from the wonderful experience of shooting in some very remote canyons, I learned the necessity of being very well prepared for a shoot and this knowledge has come been very useful on my most recent projects.

At present, I am involved in two ongoing projects: The Wild Atlantic Way, in the West of Ireland, and in Iceland.  For a week, each summer, I explore a coastal county in the West of Ireland, moving southwards each year, in the company of a local landscape photographer. I have found that being with a photographer who is familiar with the area enables me to shoot places that I would be unlikely to find if travelling alone. In Iceland, the accompanying photographer from Look North.Is, took me into the interior of the Highlands to some beautiful volcanic landscape, devoid of any life, with just the odd shoot of wild grass; I hope to conclude this project in 2017.

I am a member of The London Camera Club and their city walks have provided me with great inspiration, focussing on a selected route each month.

Bridie Weston