Graffiti Art In Camden

In the past couple of months I have been out and about around London photographing art and sculpture in the open and am going to devote the next couple of blogs to those walks.

Camden is well known  for its graffiti art, so I took the bus to Mornington Crescent and walked up from there, darting in and out of side roads when I spotted some interesting work. I used and excellent old blog as a guide :  London Calling Blog : A Street Art Guide to Camden. Many of the art works listed in the guide have  faded since it was written but many more new ones have appeared.

 I just followed the road  along, up the hill and  through Camden Town, keeping a keen lookout for images on the side streets.   As you can see from the selection below, there were plenty of  great examples to photograph. 

A visitor to London who wanted to move out a little from the centre would enjoy the short trip to Camden Town for this free art show.





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