A Holiday In Portifino

After my exhausting photo tour of Iceland, I needed a relaxing holiday and where better that the beautiful Italian Riveria. I had visited Portifino many years ago and always planned to return to the picturesque little resort, made famous in the ’50s and ’60s by the numerous celebrities who stayed there.
Since my previous visit the walks around the area, to Paraggi, Santa Margherita and Rapallo are laid out with a red ‘carpet’ covering the path.  The route starts near the harbour and leads first to the church and outwards from there.
The Church of San Martino is worth a visit, with its ornate altar, stained glass windows and ceiling paintings.

Church of San Giorgio

Towering above the port is Castle Brown, a steep walk up from the harbour. It was built in the 16th century and purchased  in 1867 by then English consul  in Genoa , Montague Yeats Brown, hence the name Castle Brown.
Views from the castle are spectacular. The following shots were taken from the ramparts. 


My visit coincided with the Italian mid-August public holiday of Ferragosto, a time when many Italians are enjoying their summer break, as I found on my visit to San Fruttuoso.
This is a tiny harbour, only accessible by sea or on foot, with a small pebble beach. I took the ferry and was amazed at the number of people waiting to get on board when we docked. It is a very pretty spot, best viewed early before the crowds arrive and certainly not on a public holiday.


Swimmers at San Fruttuoso

San Fruttuoso
From the ferry back to Portifino, I took the following shot of the lighthouse. I had walked there  to take  a picture, when I visited Castle Brown, but thought the view from the sea was more interesting.
As part of the Ferragosto celebrations, the hotel, put on an entertaining  display of synchronised swimming.
synchronized swimming
On my walk to Paraggi, along the red route, I stopped to view the swimmers in the clear waters of the Mediterranean.
The coastline near to Portofino
Super yachts frequent the seas around this area and often dock in or close to the harbour at Portifino. There are a number of  shops and restaurants  that attract the high end customer.
On my last evening, looking down over the harbour after sunset, the blue of the sky and the sea seemed to merge and I took my last photo of the trip.
Portifino just after sunset
Portifino offers plenty of opportunities for landscape photography and I have only included a selection so that you can see what a beautiful place it is for a short holiday.

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