A Photographic Tour, Day 9

This is my final day of this tour, which took me back towards Keflavik airport. The Hotel Berg is my base for tonight. It is situated on a picturesque marina about three miles from the airport and has been completely refurbished since I was here last September. They provide a transfer service to get me to the airport on time tomorrow.

We set off from Hrifunes guesthouse and headed up into the Highlands, taking a route to the east of the big Katla glacier. The road took us along the side and back of the volcano, heading west to the coast and then north, bypassing Reykjavík.

When we reached the Highlands, the area was covered in fast moving fog and I waited a little while for it to clear before taking this picture of the valley with its vibrant yellow moss.


We drove on across an area that is usually a river bed, caused by glacial water from the Katla glacier. The patterns in the mud appealed and I took this picture and also the next one, which is a close up of the mud.


mud pattern

The Katla glacier dominates this area and I took the next shot with it in the distance. The purple flower Artic River Beauty,  in the foreground, is the first I have seen since day 5 when I travelled down from Lake Myvatn. 


The road was practically non-existent in places, with numerous river crossings. I took the next shot of our vehicle to illustrate what it was like.


We walked down to the edge of Markafljotsgljufur,a very deep canyon to take this shot of the colours running down one side of it.


Our route then took us along a  road  past Einhyrningur mountain,  otherwise called Horn mountain.


We stopped in Troll Valley for lunch and disturbed some sheep who were grazing up in this lonely, but beautiful area.


I couldn’t finish a day without a shot of a waterfall. Gluggafoss is just before we hit the coast and was busy with tourists so I had to wait a while to get a tourist free shot.


The tour is now over and has been amazing, due to Haukur’s extensive knowledge of beautiful  out of the way places. I loved every exhausting minute of it.

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