Iceland, A Photographic Tour, Day 8

Today we visited Langisjór lake  and its national park in the Highlands. The lake is around 20 km in length and up to 2 km wide. This area is directly opposite where we detoured to on day 5 but travel across the area is no longer possible because there is now a large river in between, caused by an eruption .

We set off very early in order to get to the lake when the sun was high and the water fairly still, with reflections. The clouds and wind usually pick up later in the morning.

I took a number of shots of the lake from various angles, including a hike up to get a panoramic view of the river and national park. The light was perfect and produced vibrant colours and shadows on the landscape, making the early rise very worthwhile.



_DSC7968  _DSC8024-HDR

Just before midday we left the national park and headed off
off route, along a dirt track, to an area known as Kvislalon. The landscape here was completely different from the vibrant colours around the lake. This area is rarely visited, except for fishermen who use  the few small cabins that we came across.
I have chosen pictures to illustrate the effect of volcanic activity in the area.
Haukur had seen Faxatun lake from the air but had never been there so we persevered along the track and even had to drive along a river bed to reach it. We were surprised to meet a lone hiker in this remote and inaccessible area. The only people who visit this area are fishermen.
After a long bumpy ride we got back on the dirt road that leads down from the national park and I took this last picture on the way.
This is a great area for photographers to visit

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