Iceland, A Photographic Tour, Day 5

We hade a long journey ahead of us today, so we left the hotel on Lake Myvatn early. The weather in the North has been glorious but today there is driving rain and the temperature has dropped considerably.  About two hours into our journey, we made a detour to the waterfall of Aldeyjarfoss, with its beautiful basalt formations._DSC7739


Nearby, is the smaller waterfall of Hrafnabjargafoss. It was difficult to photograph these falls as the wind was howling and the rain kept getting on the lens. My umbrella proved useless at keeping the rain off.


When we left the falls, we had a long drive over very barren landscape on a rough gravel road. I have included this picture to illustrate what the environment looked like._DSC7760

As we drove the next 150 kilometres, we found little gems of beauty, particularly near rivers. The yellow moss appears fluorescent against the grey rocks.

The appearance of beds of Artic River Beauty is a real surprise._DSC7764

Considering that this area is covered with snow for most of the year, there are quite a number of wild flowers growing. I have included a few here that I spotted growing in small clumps near river beds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After many hours of rough driving, the road passed through an area between two glacier mountains. Although we did not see much ice on this section of Vatnajokull, it is the largest glacier in Europe and covers 8% of Iceland.


When we were getting close to our destination, Hrauneyjar Higland Centre, we turned off to visit one of my favourite places in Iceland – The Fishing Lakes. The area is off the beaten track and the dark landscape is lit up by an abundance of moss and small clumps of grass .  I have included three pictures from this region to illustrate the beauty of the place. The sun was breaking through the clouds and lighting up the moss and grass._DSC7773


_DSC7794I am signing off now. The sixth day is a long one as we drive to the South over difficult tracks but amazing landscape.

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