Iceland, A Photographic Tour Day 3

On this the third day of my landscape photography tour, we set out from our hotel on Lake Myvatn at 6.00am to visit the Hverir geothermal  area  at the foothill of Namafjall. Its features include colourful sulphurous mud springs, steam vents, cracked mud and fumaroles. We went there at such an early hour in order to catch the light on the dried sulphurous mud and also to be able to photograph the area without the crowds that visit there later in the day.

hevrir 2

namafjall hverir geothermals1

Later in the morning we drove north to Husavik on the shores of Skjálfandi bay. This was a very busy little town with lots of tourists taking tours to spot whales. From there we crossed the peninsula and had a long drive to Jokulsargljufur National Park to see the Dettifoss waterfall and the Jokulsargljufur Canyon. On our walk through the Park, I spotted these patterns in the basalt rock.

basalt formations

basalt formation 2

We hiked to Detifoss in the Jokulsargljufur Canyon, an area very popular with tourists, campers and hikers. The water in the fall was brown with mud so that it did not stand out from the canyon sides and, therefore, not very interesting for photography.


Walking along the canyon away from the waterfall, I found the following scene to be much more interesting.

jokulsargljufur canyon

This was the last shot of the day, which had been  exceptionally hot  and sunny and most unusual for Iceland.

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