Iceland, A Photograph Tour, Day 4

As we are staying on Lake Myvatn, it was a short journey to our first shoot. We took a stroll under a canopy of trees, unusual for Iceland, and arrived at our designated spot on the lake. As it was very early, the lakeside was free from tourists, which is helpful if a long exposure is needed. Right in front of us were these incredible stones, known as Hofdi, standing in the lake.

hofdi klaser

After a leisurely breakfast, we set off for the Viti Crater and on the  way we spotted this mountain lit up by the sun, breaking through on a dull morning.

on the road to Viti

The Viti Crater, english translation is ‘Hell’, was a steep climb up but well worth the effort for an amazing view from the top. I included some people in the shot to give an idea of scale.

Viti crater

On the way down from Viti, I spotted this bed of cotton grass. In the past, it was used by Icelanders to make wicks for candles.

Cotton grass by Viti

Our next stop was at a thermal grotto known as Grjotagja. This underground pool was used by locals for swimming until the 1975 to 84 volcanic eruptions, which caused the water to heat up and it is only now beginning to cool down, but still too hot for swimming.

grjotagja blue grotto cave

We headed onto  the hot spring area of Leirhnjukur Mountain. We hiked to the lava area caused by the Krafla  fires of 75/84 that heated up the thermal grotto; a very inhospitable landscape.

Lava plain

Looking down, the black lava flow stood out like a river in the landscape.


And so to the end of another great day spent in a most  unusual and  interesting landscape.


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