Iceland, A Photographic Tour, Day 2

After a late photo shoot on Day 1, we set off a little later from Gauksmyri Lodge. The weather was unusually sunny and hot for Iceland and we headed towards the Skagaheidi Peninsula on the North Coast. This region is known for the famous Icelandic Horses and we passed many farms with horses and foals grazing.


Our first scheduled stop was at the Skagata basalt cliffs, which reminded me of the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland.

siglufjorourAs we drove down the east coast of Skagaheidi we passed the small waterfall at Selnes, which, unusually, flows down into the sea.


We drove up the west coas of the Trollaskagi Peninsula ,and near the top stopped at the  modern designed lighthouse at Fljotavik. The orange shone in the bright in the sunlight.


We crossed over to the east coast through three tunnels, one being 7 kilometres long. The valleys between these tunnels were inaccessible from the east before the construction of of the longest tunnel in the late 20th century.

As evening was closing in we drove along the Eyafjorour fjord and spotted this herd of cows on their way home. The light here is still very bright late into the evening.


We drove on towards Lake Myvatn, were we are staying for the next few days. On the way we passed the largest town in the region, Akureyn, which is on the cruise ship route. We wanted to shoot the Godafoss Waterfall but decided to wait until nightfall so we would miss the crowds and catch the light as the sun sets over the horizon.


Another long and enjoyable day for this landscape photographer, thanks to the Haukur’s excellent knowledge of the region.

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